Portable Jammer

JamS AG manufactures portable jammers for interior and exterior areas according to customer requirements in small and larger models. 

Hand-held systems,
EOD and meeting rooms (type: EOD-02)

The portable jammer system EOD-02 is characterised by its light and compact structure. The jammers are small enough so that the members of special units or EOD teams can put them into their suits and are even in short distances protected against transmissions with very high transmission powers. The EOD-02 has an internal battery and has been conceived as a stand-alone solution that does not have to be connected to a control system.

Portable systems, EOD and tactical (type: EOD-01)​

The portable jamming system in suitcases is suitable to prevent communication between a protected area and the outside world in the short term. Due to its high power as well as the robust enclosure, this type of jammer is suitable for the use in tactical specialized units and for the explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), but also for the shielding of conference rooms etc. The jammer system EOD-01 is fitted into a suitcase, and does not have to be unpacked when used. The system is ready for use within minutes, and can be operated using both a battery or a mains connection. The stable enclosure protects the sensitive electronics reliably against hits and environmental damage.